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About Martin To

Hailing from Hong Kong and United Kingdom, Martin To aims to compose the best original music for your film, television, game, advertisement, or any other screen media mainly using industry-standard VST instruments. With my East Asia background, I am capable of composing music with different genres, instruments, and styles. This includes western classical, Chinese traditional, and experimental electronic synthesizers, etc. Other than the original soundtrack, we could also provide a professional scoring service for the corresponding product, enabling any further concert performances.


Bespoke original composition

I will compose an original composition tailor-made for your project (film, game, TV, advertisement, concert). The final product will usually be a high-quality

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Music arrangement

I will arrange any existing composition with instrumentation according to your preference. Please feel free to contact me for more information.

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Music transcription/Copyist/Mock-up

I will transcribe the existing compositions you choose to sheet music, MIDI, Sibelius file/MusicXML or High-quality soundtrack.

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