Pandemic Voice Call – Full score [Digital Download]


Composer: Martin To

  • Video (Clickable)
  • Content: Full score
  • Instrumentation: 12 Ipads
  • Music applications: Poly 2, Synth One, Borderlands, and Soup
  • Format: PDF


Instrumentation: 12 iPads 

<Pandemic Voice Call> is a piece scored for four music applications (Poly 2, Synth One, borderlands, and Soup). The idea of this piece is to reappear a Discord server voice call between the composer and his friends musically by using the above applications. This piece emphasises the randomness of a conversation around people. This is also the reason why most of the instructions in the score provide spaces for performers to improvise. All of the music materials are taken from the multiple default sound effect of Discord (e.g, message, user joining channel, user mute, etc.) and one of the conversations from the composer and his friends in Discord during the pandemic covid 19.