Sky: Valley of Triumph – Full & Part scores [Digital Download]


Composer: Martin To



Instrumentation: Clarinet in Bb, Bass clarinet in Bb and 4 hands piano/2 pianos

The piece is inspired by a story about an ancient species that lived in the galaxy. From people’s perspective, they are the stars in our sky. Before they descend to the Earth and banish the darkness, the world is living under the fear of darkness. They have built their kingdoms around the sky and the galaxy, co-existing with humanity. The power of the star granted inhabitants the ability to fly.

However, the seven unique realms they built waxed and waned which left nothing but a remnant of their architecture. One of the realms is the Valley of Triumph which is a place for them to compete with each other’s flying skills. The participants will fly through a glorious, spectacular racecourse that leads them to the final gate that is connected to the next realm. The piece is an imagination of the composer towards the golden age of the Valley of Triumph.