Hek Har kocrekeca – Full & Part scores [Digital Download]


Composer: Martin To

  • Video (Clickable)
  • Content: Full & Part score
  • Instrumentation: Erhu, Xiaoruan, Pipa and Yangqin
  • Format: PDF


Instrumentation: String orchestra

Hek Har kocrekeca is a word translated by a chaos language generator. It means “Sacrifice”. The piece is to depict the situation, emotion, and brutality of everything about sacrificing.

This piece also laments the fact that humans are selfish and unwilling to accept the fact that it is impossible to possess everything, yet, some are still trying to disregard the consequences. In real life, sacrifice happens everywhere and is present in various forms. However, many of them would be prevented with proper self-control. Greed breeds more sacrifice. The piece also symbolize the composer’s wish over a world with lesser unwanted sacrifice.