Astera’s Parhelion – Full scores (Main Area) – Full version (Digital Download)


Composer: Martin To



Instrumentation: Orchestra

Music has been one of the most important factors for gamer immersion when it comes to music in gaming. Due to the nature of the player’s action being unpredictable, the adaptive music is created to react and change according to players’ actions dynamically. Despite its first appearance in the 80s, it is so effective that many game music composers in recent decades still make use of the system in their compositions. There are also studies exploring adaptive music in terms of composition techniques, technology and effectiveness, but most of them seem to have the premise that adaptive music is either diegetic or non-diegetic and with a rather clear boundary. This leads to the notion of the paper, Fusing diegetic sound into adaptive music: A compositional approach, which is an attempt to take diegetic sound as a part of adaptive music. And this piece is main the product of the paper.

The piece Astera’s Parhelionis composed for a safe zone in the game, Monster Hunter: World called Astera. It is the first and most important base that the player will encounter in Monster Hunter: World. The light solo clarinet melody at the beginning symbolises the courage of the First Man who arrived New World and built Astera. The musical idea is then being reinforced and developed in different sections, representing those who arrived at Astera following the path of the First Man. The composition is his imagination of the development progress of Astera from the very beginning to its current state where the player arrives. It aims to create an exciting mood and atmosphere for the player to explore the base and the game, preparing them for the coming adventure.

就遊戲中的音樂而言,音樂一直是讓玩家沉浸其中的最重要因素之一。由於玩家動作的性質是不可預測的,因此作曲家們創建了一個系統,名叫「自適音樂」,以根據玩家的動作動態地做出反應和變化。儘管它在 80 年代首次出現,近幾十年來許多遊戲音樂作曲家仍然在他們的作品中使用該系統。其中也有不少針對「自適音樂」的研究,但大它們多數都是假設適應性音樂要麼是Diegetic,要麼是Non-diegetic。這苜作品是Fusing diegetic sound into adaptive music: A compositional approach 這篇論文的主要成品

這首曲子是為遊戲,《魔物獵人:世界》中一個名為 Astera 的安全區而創作的。Astera是玩家在《怪物獵人:世界》中遇到的第一個也是最重要的基地。開頭輕快的單簧管旋律象徵著「The First Man」到達新大陸並建造了Astera的勇氣。這旋律隨後亦在不同部分得到加強和發展,代表那些跟隨第一人的道路到達 Astera 的人。這首作品是作曲家對Astera從過去到現在發展過程的想像。它旨在為玩家創造一種令人興奮的心情去探索基地和遊戲,並為即將到來的冒險做準備。