Daksemakeo – Full scores & Parts (Digital Download)


Composer: Martin To



Instrumentation: Flute, Clarinet in Bb, Tenor saxophone, 2 violins, Cello/Viola and Piano

The piece Daksemakeo was composed by To Kiu Fung in 2021 during the pandemic. The word Dakesemakeo is originally an English word “Destinesia” which is then translated by the chaos language generator. “Destinesia” evolves from the word “Destination”, which means that you have arrived at the destination, but you have forgotten why you are going there.

The composer laments the situation where people are getting lost during the pandemic Covid-19 and was motivated to compose the piece. Daksemakeo depicts the feeling of fear or nostopathy in the journey of life. We might sometimes ask ourselves, “Why are we here”, “What is the point of trying so hard”, “Why don’t I just give up”. Once we fail to give ourselves an answer, our souls will get lost in the storm of frustration, again and again, forming a vicious circle. The piece also depicts the perseverance of humanity when facing the shackles of adversity.

We fail, we think, we learn and we stand up. This is how we are born and how we live. Although we might find ourselves making no headway, we cannot be defeated by fear and desperation. The piece also describes the joy and desire of people who sought after and finally reached a brand new realm mentally and spiritually.