百貓の夜行 Cats’ Night Fiesta – Full & Part scores [Digital Download]


Composer: Martin To

  • Video (Clickable)
  • Content: Full & Part score
  • Instrumentation: Erhu, Xiaoruan, Pipa and Yangqin
  • Format: PDF


Instrumentaion: Erhu, Xiaoruan, Pipa and Yangqin

The piece Cats’ Night Fiestais inspired by an ancient Japanese myth Night Parade of One Hundred Demons. Back in the day, people believed that ghouls and bogies are existing in the same dimension as humans where humans dominate the daytime, and they dominate the night. The myth is about a horde of countless numbers of supernatural creatures parading at the summer night and it is believed that who comes across the procession would perish or be spirited away.

The piece takes this myth as a reference and switches it into cats instead. This time, humans and those magical cats are both enjoying their night together, similar to a lively Japanese fiesta. In terms of main compositional ideas, multiple techniques are used to imitate the sound of a cat. Moreover, various pentatonic scales, including Japanese pentatonic scales, are immersed to create the feeling of a Japanese festival.